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Welcome to the D&DCraft Campaign


This is a revolutionary concept which has only been attempted, but never at the scale that this will be produced. This epic event will be attempting to seamlessly merge two endless gaming universes together:
The ever popular Minecraft and Dungeons & Dragons: 4th Edition!

As this cannot be completed effectively with current vanilla minecraft, we will be enhancing the experience using the MinecraftEdu software to aid in DMing and various game mechanics which could otherwise not be used. This will enable the GM/DM to increase the overall smoothness and allow for a more fun experience for the players and spectators!

Our Software:

We currently have a small bukkit minecraft server that we are pushing to it’s limits to build the beautiful landscapes that will be used on our map. We will also be livestreaming using the Twitch.Tv website.

Do you have any ideas that you think can benefit us or suggestions?
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DnDCraft #1

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