The world - Setting explained


You look around you, carefully scanning the small thatch huts, made of wood and logs laboriously cut from the surrounding forest. One seems to be poking out above the rest, a column of smoke seperating it from the common ones. Walking towards it you remember why you are going, some sort of conference is being held to decide what to do about the rumours that are spreading. The corrupt king, Steve the Magician, is still raising the taxes and some say he lets his wizards do whatever they want with the cities they are put in charge of! Passing Grandmother Roslin, you notice she probably won’t be around for a couple of years. Stopping to help her up to her door, your thoughts wonder back the the problem. You’ve been told that since you have been specially selected for a mission, you are to attend the Commonhouse at noon today. Everything seems to have been leading up to this for the last couple of years that Steve has been in power. The first Event, when the mythical Dragon of Minecraftia first appeared to DiaBlock City, and terrorized the great place, burning many building to the ground and killing numerous guards. You silently say a child’s prayer to help protect this small hamlet from the wandering mind of the dragon. “Thank you, son!” “No problem Ros, now you have a good day and call for me should you need anything else” You say while sauntering back towards the commonhouse. What should you do? You made sure to do what you were told and you prepared all your possessions, keeping your favoured weapon and throwing away everything but a few adventuring items, necessary for survival…

The excitement builds up inside you as you walk through the arched portal leading into the hut. The blazing hearth fire set in the middle was already lit and you see your childhood friends also there… Four others, also prepared as you are. Looking to the Elder, you take your place and wonder what the future will bring for you and your new party?

You are currently in the town of Woodton, about to start your quest.
Why are you here? What is your purpose?
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The world - Setting explained

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